About the Kitten League

The Kitten League is committed to finding loving forever homes for our cats. Our adoption process is designed to match the right kitten or cat to the right family. 

Adoption Process

To adopt a kitten, please fill out the adoption application. You will be contacted by one of our volunteers to discuss your application and the cats you are interested in. Please keep in mind since we are 100% volunteer-run that it may be 3 to 4 business days before we respond to your application.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee is $90 regardless of the age of the cat. Adopted cats come with their vaccinations and spay/neuter is included in the adoption fee. We do adopt out cats that have not been spayed/neutered which includes a rebate after we receive verification that alteration has been done by a qualified veterinary clinic.

A white and tabby cat sitting next to a sign that says All You Need is Love and a Cat
The Kitten League infographic
The Kitten League infographic